Packaging Know-how Ltd


Welcome to Packaging No-How, a packaging consultancy business officially launched in 2010 by Derek Skinner, who has been involved in the Flexible Packaging industry since 1967.


We are a packaging consultancy, offering a wide range of packaging advisory services and packaging design expertise to SMEs


With over forty years’ experience in flexible packaging, production, QC and Technical Sales, we are well placed to guide you through the packaging minefield of complying with all the regulations.


We are able to offer practical packaging solutions with expertise in the following areas:

  • Packaging Consultancy
  • High Performance Flexible Packaging
  • Globally Sourced Technologies
  • High Temperature Resistant Applications e.g. Retort and Aseptic


Take your first step to a packaging solution by completing our contact page. Alternatively, you may contact Derek Skinner by telephone – 01934 414125 - to arrange a discussion, or to arrange an exploratory initial meeting.


As we have agents throughout the UK and Ireland, who could visit to initiate a dialogue, please feel free to start asking the questions, with absolutely no obligation.


Through Packaging ‘No-How’, PNH Food Machinery Ltd. markets a wide range of Heat Sealers, Vacuum Chambers and Tray Lidding machines etc etc while PCJ Packaging Ltd. is an innovator in the supply of Flexible Packaging in both roll and bag/pouch formats.


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